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Agfa Misc

Agfa 1928 UK Product Catalog
Agfa 1933 Product Catalog (in German) D589/0533
Agfa 1939 Amateur Catalog in German
Agfa 1941 Photographic Materials for Professional Use P30-41- 30
Agfa Ambi Silette Instruction Book 671 engl. 0457
Agfa Agfaflex III/IV/V Instruction Book2769 engl - 0962
Agfa Automatic Instruction book in German
Agfa Billy and Record 6x9 Sales Brochure D.3-526/7627 in German
Agfa Billy Sales Brochure in German
Agfa Product Catalog A89, January 1941
Agfa Product Catalog 56A
Agfa Clack 6x9 Sales Brochure O.16-528/16217(in German)
Agfa Clack 6x9 Sales Brochure (in German)
Agfa Colorflex Sales Brochure D.3N-5119/25886/278 in German
Agfa Dealer Notebook, early 1960s
Agfa Flexilette Sales Brochure D.11N-650/28162/157 in German
Agfa Isolette 6X6 Sales Brochure D 3-558/17623/122 in German
Agfa Isoly-Mat Sales Brochure D.15-652/6067/167 in German
Agfa Isomat-Rapid Sales Brochure D.23-637/10973/24 N in German
Agfa Iso-Rapid I Sales Brochure D.14-635/18383/Ca.36 in German
Agfa ISO Rapid Sales Brochure D.3-626/10074/17 in German
Agfa Karat 36 Instruction Book 657 Engl. 0852
Agfa Moderne Agfa Kleinbild-Cameras Sales Brochure D 74- 599/24884/202 in German
Optima Instruction Book 1503 eng 0759
Agfa Optima I Instruction Book 1872 engl 0660
Agfa Optima Ia Instruction Book3011 engl 0963
Afga Optima I Sales Brochure D. 34-640/27 895/122 in German
Agfa Optima II Instruction Book 2494 0262
Afga Optima 250 Sales Brochure D. 98-675/20661/Ca. 142 in German
Agfa Optima IIS Instruction Book 2679 0762
Agfa Optima III Sales Brochure D 36-650/28 161/158 in German
Agfa Optima 500 Instruction Book 3418 0264
Agfa Optima 500S Sales Brochure D87-633/6728/C 22 in German
Afga Optima Sales Brochure D. 54-6120/30 752/18 in German
Agfa Optima Reflex Sales Brochure D.85-6122/5634/417 in German
Agfa Rapid Film Dealer Brochure, 1965
Agfa Sales Brochure M 948-550
Agfa Selecta Instruction Book 2540 engl 0362
Agfa Selecta Sales Brochure D.5N-682/4143/305 N in German
Agfa Silette I Sales Brochure D.52-632/1314/70 (in German)
Agfa Silette Rapid I Sales Brochure D65-664/14 552/Ca.43 in German
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure D.54 -672/2771/262 in German
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure D.420-538/16753 (in German)
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure D 1-528/16242 in German
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure 394-1053 M (in German)
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure D45 578/18720/187 in German
Agfa Silette F Sales Brochure D 61-6113/11170/Ca. 135 in German
Agfa Silette L Sales Brochure D 17-5126/11523 in German
Agfa Silette LK Sales Brochure D 62-6113/11171/Ca. 134 in German
Agfa Silette-Rapd L Sales Brochure D.73-675/20827/Ca.146 in German
Agfa Silette Sales Brochure D 148-547/12870 in German
Agfa Super Silette Sales Brochure D4-5104/2807 mP (in German)
Agfa Super Silette L Sales Brochure D.419-538/16752 (in German)
Agfa Super Solinette Sales Brochure 402-1053 M (in German)
Agfa Standard Cameras Sales Brochure SW29 (in German)
Agfa Super Silette L Sales Brochure D 18-548/17306/97 in German
Agfa Super Solina Instruction Book1734 engl 0160