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Novoflex Misc

Novoflex Dealer Notebook Pages, Burleigh Brooks, probably 1969
Novoflex 35/3.5 Noflexar Sales Brochure 30 10 64
Novoflex Lens Sales Brochure 40 5 69
Novoflex Automatic Diaphragm Sales Brochure 301665
Novoflex Product Catalog August 1973
Novoflex Product Catalog August 1978
Novoflex Catalog June 1991, in German
Novoflex Follow Focus Lenses Sales Brochure 10.5.69
Novoflex Follow-Focus Lenses Sales Brochure
Novoflex Follow Focus Instruction Book 2 6 75
Novoflex Shoulder and Chest Pods Instruction Book