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Exakta Misc

Kine Exakta (Round Window) Instruction Book
Kine Exakta Instruction Book 060a Lme 56 C 5000 5841 1248
Exakta 66 Instruction Book 328a/5/5411 111/9/86 1 Ag2045/55 DDR am25.8.55
Exakta 66 Instruction Book Suppliment
Ponder & Best Exakta Dealer Notebook Pages May 1968
Vest Pocket Exakta (A, B and Junior) Instruction Book
Ihagee Exakta VX1000 Sales Brochure 1012a/100/6708/29/1Ag 22/057/68
Ihagee Exakta VX500 Sales Brochure V/1/6 469 3053 Ag22/59/69