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Kodak Photos and Misc Documents

Kodak Receipt 1889
Kodak reciept for an Original Kodak sent in for film and processing
Kodak Receipt 1892
Kodak Ltd Receipt 1894
Kodak Receipt 1896
Kodak Receipt 1897
Kodak letter October 1900 regarding Platinum Paper, Eastman signed
Kodak letter October 1900 regarding various printing papers, Eastman signed
Cirkut Photo of the 1906 Kodak company picnic
Signed letters from George Eastman to Dr E. R. L. Gould (a social scientist) regarding tenement housing, 1911-14
Kodak letter Aug 1920 Regarding Color Plates
Signed letter from George Eastman to James Phinney Munroe regarding his book "The Human Factor in Education"
Kodak letter June 1921 Regarding Pyro Developer
Signed letters from George Eastman to Max Landow about Eastman School of Music performances
Kodak Letter from Feb 1940 Collcting Information for a Biography on George Eastman
Photo of a Kodak exhibit at a trade fair, probably Philadelphia in the 1940s
Kodak Warszawa (Poland) Receipt 1942
1961 letter to Kodak about the Yalta Agreement
Kodak Pathe Letter about Retinettes in French, 1964
Promo Photo of Anniversary Kodaks
Photo of the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Factory taken with an original Kodak, 1948 PR print
George Eastman Biography, 1953
George Eastman Signature, Sept 11, 1929
Kodak Employee Guide Book, Oct 1929
Kodak Employee Good Health Guide
Kodak No. 2 Brownie hang Tag
Hasselblad Envelope to Kodak Dec 1925?
Kodak Announcement for the Pacific Northern Sales Division's Building Grand Opening
Photo of the Kodak Plant, Undated
Kodak Postcard on Sepia paper
Photo of a Kodak Store Window
Photo of a Kodak Store Window
Photo of a Kodak Store Window
Photo of the Kodak Pavillion at the 1939 World's Fair
Kodak 1939 New York World's Fair Pavillion