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Scovill Waterbury View

The 5x8 version of the Scovill Waterbury view is perhaps the single most common American-made tailboard camera. The next most popular view cameras are probably the next larger and smaller sizes of this camera as well. The 4x5 size, however, is almost never seen. When introduced in the mid- 1880s, the 4x5 Waterbury would have been at best an amateur's first camera, or possibly a student camera. Yet, the Waterbury family resemblance is unmistakable, and this camera has all the features of its larger kin. Other than proportions, all of the Waterbury view cameras are identical, and the golden wood color is almost their trademark. The 5x8 versions are still occasionally seen, the other sizes both larger and smaller are getting scare.

Text and photos courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.

The Scovill 4x5 Waterbury View, with No,1 Waterbury landscape lens.