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Scovill Antique Oak Detective Camera

Scovill Antique Oak Detective Camera. - The Scovill Antique Oak Detective Camera was introduced about 1890 as a less expensive alternative to the leather covered Scovill Waterbury. It was actually sold as a 'cheap detective camera.' The camera employed a string-set rotary shutter and a focusing lens to produce 4x5 plates. The Antique Oak is simply stunning, and it is inconceivable that it would ever have gone unnoticed as a detective camera was intended to be. No matter that it started life as a cheap substitute for another camera, these cameras have always been rare at best and extremely desirable. They are never seen and easily command two to three times the price of the only slightly more common Waterbury or Triad detective cameras.

Text courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.

The Scovill Antique Oak Detective - This example is missing the handle.

This example is also missing the rear door.

The shutter, mounted on the inside of the front door.

The bottom on this example is missing the edges of the sides.

The plate holders, which are stored inside.