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Leica M6

The M6 is the latest, and current model of M series camera. It is based on the M4-P, and retains styling dating back to the first M camera, the M3. It has a silicon diode meter cell that reads off of the shutter curtain. The battery door on the front is the only major difference I appearance between the M6 and it's predecessor, the M4-P.

Initally only available in black chrome, in 1986 a silver version became available. The camera division of Leitz was sold to the Wilde Co., and the Leitz name was replaced by "Leica".

Quite a number of limited edition of the M6 have been introduced, making it the Franklin Mint of cameras. These include, but are not limited to 1492-1992 Columbo, Year of the Rooster, M6 Titanium, M6 Platinum, M6J, M6H, and Leica Historical Society edition.

Production figures not available