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Leica M Cameras

The Leica M series cameras are listed here cronologically. The M3 was the first of the series, rather than the M1. In the screwmount models, the III series (like IIIg, IIIf, IIc) was the top of the line model, with a coupled rangefinder, the II series was like the III, but lacked the slow speeds, and the I series lacked the rangefinder as well. When they began development of the M series in the late 1930s, it was referredto as the Leica IV.

Leica M3

Leica MP and Leica MP2

Leica M2 (Leica M2-R, M2S and M2M)

Leica M1

Leica MD

Leica M4 (Leica M4 MOT and Leica KE-7A)

Leica MDa

Leica M5

Leica CL

Leica MD-2

Leica M4-2

Leica M4-P

Leica M6