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Stereo Graflex/Stereo Auto Graflex

The Stereo Graflex, and later the Stereo Auto Graflex were targeted at professional and serious amatuer photographers looking for reflex viewing/focusing and the ability to shoot at fast shutter speeds. These cameras were large, heavy and expensive ($364 with Tessar lenses in 1904!). The fast speeds were of limited use as stereo images are generally shot with the aperture stopped down to provide depth of field, and film (or plates) of the day were relatively slow. And the images had to be trimmed down to fit standard viewers.

Because of this, they were sold in small numbers and are uncommon to find today.

The Stereo Graflex was introduced in 1904. It is based on the 5x7 Graflex, but with a wider lens board to accomodate a matched set of lenses of shorter focal length, and as a result the body was thinner as well.

It was replaced in 1906 with the Stereo Auto Graflex, which is the same camera, but with a rising lens board, coupled aprtures and prisms in the finder for stereo viewing while composing. It was offered until 1923.

The Stereo Auto Graflex, with its original box.