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Graflex (Folmer & Schwing)

Folmer & Schwing began producing cameras in 1897. They mainly produced large format cameras, both press style, and single lens reflex. Their cameras were well built, and of intelligent design, excepting that there was no interchangeability of parts between similar models, not even lens boards. Models competing for the same market were built concurrently.

They were bought, like a large number of cameras manufactures, by Kodak. This happened in 1905. They were combined with the Century Co. to form the Folmer-Century Division. Yet in 1926 they became independent again. During the war, they contributed greatly to the war effort, and after the war they continued to thrive. But the trend towards miniature cameras steadily ate up their market. In 1956 it became part of General Precision Equipment, and was sold in 1968 to Singer, of sewing machine fame. Graflex disappeared in 1973.

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