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Ihagee Exakta vx500

The Exakta VX500 with 35/2.8 Zeiss Jena Flektogon

The Exa was replaced in 1969 by the Exakta 500. It was a simplified version of the VX 1000. The slow speeds and self timer were deleted, and the fastest shutter speed was lowered to 1/500. The FP flash socket was also eliminated. The bright chrome trim around the body of the VX1000 was changed to black paint. Most examples are labeled "Exakta VX500" on the front plate above the lens, but some are labeled just "VX500"

This was the last model of Exakta that really was an Exakta. The RTL1000 was really just a Practica VLC with an Exakta mount and name plate. Serial numbers run about 1500000 to 1590000.

This model should not be confused with the Exa 500, which was sometimes marked as the Exakta 500.