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Ihagee Kine Exakta (35mm) Cameras

The 35mm Exakta, or as it was first known as, Kine-Exakta was a spin off of the Vest Pocket Exakta. Scaled down to accommodate 35mm film, it was quickly more popular than it's larger brother. Introduced in 1936, it was in production through various models until 1970, and dominated the market until the early 1960's.

Ihagee improved the Exakta's design over the years, but the improvements were too little and too late to save it from the onslaught of Japanese designs, most noticeably the Nikon F. By 1970 the famous Exakta name was applied to the Praktica VLC, sold as the Exakta RTL1000 to get the last remaining mileage out of the once famous Exakta name.

The politics of a divided Germany affected Ihagee in somewhat the same form as it affected Zeiss. Ihagee was originally a Dutch owned private company that happened to be located in what became East Germany. Heirs to the founder, and shareholders of the original Exakta company founded a new Exakta company in Berlin. Through a battle of lawsuits they won the right to market a camera labeled Exakta. They built and distributed one model, the Exakta Real, then had models built in Japan by other makers. Those models were the Exakta TL1000, TL500 and the FE 2000.

Ihagee was not an optical firm, and did not make their own lenses. A very few lenses carried the Exakta name, but as Ihagee did not have a glass works, they had to have been made by another company under contract. Exaktas were supplied with lenses from Zeiss, Schneider, and Meyer. A broad range of lenses from many

Ihagee Kine Exakta

different companies were available in Exakta mount.

The Exakta V was sold as the "Varex" outside the US, as this name was not available here. All subsequent models have the name Varex for the markets outside the US, but will be listed by their American designation here.

Also, I have followed the book "Exakta Cameras 1933-1978" by Aguila and Rouah to Ihagee Exakta II

Ihagee Exakta Varex (V)

Ihagee Exakta Varex VX (VX)

Ihagee Exakta Varex VXIIa (VXIIa)

Ihagee Exakta Varex VXIIa (VXIIb)

Ihagee Exakta VX1000 (Elbaflex VX1000)

Ihagee Exakta vx500

Ihagee Exakta RTL 1000

Ihagee Exakta Real

Ihagee Exakta Twin TL (Twin TL 42)

Ihagee Exakta TL 1000 and TL 500

Ihagee Exakta FE 2000