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Ihagee Exakta Varex VX (VX)

The Exakta VX was more of a refinement of the Exakta V than it appears at first glance. The biggest improvement is also the least obvious. The body is now cast as one piece, for easier and more accurate construction and better durability. The back is hinged, rather than removable, although it can be removed by lifting the spindle on the hinge. The bottom of the back protrudes deeper into the camera, leaving a space under the compartments for the film and take up spool, making loading and unloading easier. The rewind key on previous models was replaced by a larger knob. Another knob on the other side operates the back latch. The tripod socket was made larger, changed to a conical shape with grooves cut into it. The strap lugs were moved forward to give the camera better balance when hanging from a neck strap. 

The flash synchronization now included bipolar flash plugs for M class bulbs and "X" for electronic flash, hence the new name "VX". Also, the counter now counts up, telling you the number of exposures made rather than the number left.

Version 1

The wind assembly and rewind release are the same on this version as they were on the Exakta V. Around serial number 695000 the shutter speed dial was changed from being marked "Z" (for "Zeit) to "T" (for "Time"). Serial numbers range from 692000- 730000.

Version 2

The older (left) and newer (right) top plates.

In 1954 the film advance assembly was changed. The counter window was moved to the back of the advance lever, and the counter was reset by a knob. The advance lever is straight, rather than curved. The rewind release has been changed from a lever to a button. This version also saw the introduction of the external lens mount, designed primarily for heavier lenses. Serial numbers run  from 730000-770000. 

Version 3

This version is the same as version 2, except the film speed reminder is marked in ASA and Weston. Serial numbers run from about 765000-774000.

Version 4

The flash synchronization was changed from a bipolar plug to the standard PC in 1956. Serial numbers are 775000-817000.

Version 5

This version is the same as version 4, except the film speed reminder is marked in DIN, and are found in the same serial number range.