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Ihagee Exakta Twin TL (Twin TL 42)

With the failure of the Exakta Real, the new West German Ihagee decided if they could not beat the Japanese, they would contract the manufacturing out to them. In 1970 the Exakta Twin TL was released. It was the first Exakta to have a built in light meter, a feature hardly mentioned in 1970. It used a different bayonet than the original Exakta, or the Exakta Real. Adapters were available for the older Exakta mount lenses. The camera had a fixed pentaprism finder and a Copal shutter 1/1000 to 1 second. This camera, like the Real and the RTL 1000 had two shutter releases, one on the front for use of the automatic lenses of the older Exakta design, and one on the top. The meter was a TTL CdS type.

The camera was manufactured by Cosina, who continue manufacturing products marketed under historic German names. They currently make and market the Voigtlander Bessa cameras and Voigtlander lenses in Leica thread mount.

The Exakta Twin TL 42 was the same camera as the Exakta Twin TL, except it was fitted with a 42mm Unviersal Thread lens mount.

Lenses marketed with the Twin TL were:


28/4 Curtagon

35/2.8 Curtagon

50/1.9 Xenon

135/3.5 Tele-Xenar

45-1000/2.8 Zoom Variogon

80-240/4 Zoom Tele-Variogon


35/2.8 Travegon

50/1.8 Travelon

90/2.8 Travenar

135/3.5 Travenar

Exaktar   (Cosina?)

28/2.8 Exaktar

35/2.8 Exaktar

50/1.8 Exaktar

55/1.4 Exaktar

58/1.2 Exaktar

135/2.8 Exaktar

200/3.5 Exaktar

300/5 Exaktar

45-135/3.5 Vario-Exaktar

78-205/3.5 Vario-Exaktar

In addition automatic bellows, extension tubes and a microscope adapter were marketed.