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Blair Stereo Weno

The Blair Camera Company was bought by Eastman Kodak in 1899, but continued to produce cameras under its own name for a number of years. By 1907, the Eastman name began to appear on Blair products as a successor to Blair. Blair introduced their stereo cameras in 1901, after Eastman had taken over, but the earliest models carry no mention of the Eastman name. This particular camera is one of the earlier versions and is simply engraved 'Weno.' It is obviously a stereo version. These cameras sported a number of different B&L shutters. Later versions incorporated several design changes and had a variety of names, including Stereo Weno, Stereo Weno Hawk-Eye and Stereo Hawk-Eye. These cameras produced a pair of 3x3 stereo negatives on type 118 roll film. This particular camera also has an optional plate back attachment and holders as well. These cameras are rarely seen.

Text and photos courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.