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Anthony Lilliput

Anthony Lilliput with a replica of the case

The Lilliput Camera is among the rarest of all Anthony cameras. The small concealed camera (4x4x6) was patented by Erastus Barker (#400,162) in March, 1889, just six months after Eastman received his patent for the original Kodak camera. But while the Kodak was designed around the famous Eastman rollfilm patent, the Lilliput was something of a throwback, and carried six double sided plate holders. Although the Lilliput was approximately the same size as the Kodak, there was no way that it could effectively compete with the convenience of rollfilm and it was soon withdrawn. Consequently, relatively few of these cameras were made, and very, very few survive. The camera itself was nicely made of wood construction, and slipped into a fitted leather case designed to look like a carrying case of sorts with the lens and shutter hidden behind an apparent strap holder at one end. The camera was operated by controls extending through the bottom of the case. The case was made of sole leather, but cases rarely survive intact. Most Lilliput cameras are found in cases that are in poor condition, and most often beyond repair.

Text and photos courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.

The camera inside the case.

The camera closed up for carrying.

Detail of the lens cover swung away for use.