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Anthony (E.& H.T. Anthony)

Anthony is the oldest name in the American photographic industry. Samuel Morse was one the very first American daguerreotypists, and in 1840, Edward Anthony was one of his first students. In 1841, Edward opened his own daguerreotype studio, and founded the E. Anthony Company that dealt in daguerreian supplies. The studio was quickly overshadowed by the growth in the supply company, and by the 1850s, Anthony was heavy involved in all aspects of manufacturing and distribution. In 1852, Edward's brother, Henry, became a partner in the firm, and in 1862, the company name was changed to the now famous E. & H.T. Anthony. That name lasted until 1901, and during all those years, the Anthony company was one the largest, and most prominent players in the American photographic scene.

Through the 1870s, Anthony produced equipment primarily designed for the professional photographer, and for studio use. However, in the 1870s, Anthony began to produce equipment designed for more general use, and in 1881, launched a promotional campaign announcing equipment designs for "...Photography for the Million." Some of the company's most distinctive and technically interesting apparatus was produced over the next twenty years.

In 1901, Anthony merged with Scovill & Adam's, another ancient and prominent American company, to become Anthony & Scovill, and in 1907, the name was shortened to Ansco. In 1928 Ansco merged with Agfa, a German company, and became Agfa-Ansco. World War II resulted in the American interests in Agfa-Ansco becoming a division of General Aniline and Film, better known as GAF, through 1967. What remained of the photographic business in GAF quickly ebbed, and the last vestiges withered in the late 1970s. By 1981, GAF had divested itself of all photo related practices, and all physical traces of the most famous name in the early establishment and development of the American photographer had disappeared. In some sense the spirit lives, for the ANSCO trademark was purchased by the Haking company of Hong Kong, who continues to manufacture inexpensive photo products.

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