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Anthony Patent Duplex (Stereo) Novelette

Anthony 5x8/8x10 Patent Duplex Stereo Novelette, with single Darlot Wide Angle Hemispherique lens in Prosch shutter

Since Scovill held the rights to the revolving back, Anthony employed a system that allowed the back of the Novelette to be detached from the rear bed, and the entire back and bellows of the camera to be turned from the horizontal to vertical position. In 1886, Anthony modified this system so that the front of the bellows could be detached from the front standard as well, allowing the entire back and bellows unit to be removed. They then designed two large format cameras that could be used with two sizes of back and bellows units on each frame. The Patent Duplex Novelette was available as a 5x8 or 8x10 on an 8x10 frame, or as an 8x10 or 11x14 on an 11x14 frame. This 8x10 frame is shown with the 5x8 back unit mounted vertically, and equipped with a Prosch Duplex shutter. All Patent Duplex Novelettes had round front pieces and wide lens boards for stereo use. The Patent Duplex versions of the Novelette are rarely seen.

Text and photos courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.