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Zunow Lenses on Other Cameras

After Teikoku Kogaku had made a name for themselves with the 50/1.1 Zunow, they offered their lenses to be sold with cameras from other manufacturers. They weren't the high speed lenses like the 50/1.1, but were more pedestrian designs.

Probably the most desirable is the 50/1.9 Zunow offered by the Orion Camera Company's Miranda T. It was not the only lens available for it, but is probably the most coveted today. It is a preset design, finished in heavy chrome.

Zunow lenses can also be found on Neoca cameras. This is a bit odd, as Neocas were styled to look like Nikon rangefinder cameras, but with fixed lenses and leaf shutters. The Neoca S and SV Super could be equipped with the 45/2.8 Zunow, and the Neoca SV Deluxe was fitted with the 45/1.8 Zunow.

Teraoka Seikosho also offered Zunow lenses on some of their unusual Auto Terra spring wound cameras.

The same 45/1.8 Zunow, but in Copal-SVL could be found on the Auto Terra Super-L, a spring wound 35mm rangefinder offered by Teraoka Seikosho in 1959. This unusual camera also had a built in selenium meter. Auxiliary lenses were available, although I don't know if they were Zunow lenses.

Some 4x4cm TLR cameras can also be found with Zunows. Tougo-Do offered the Halina 44 and the Walz Automat 44 through their respective marketing companies with a 60/2.8 Zunow in Copal MVX shutter.

I doubt this list is complete. If anyone has other cameras with a Zunow lens, I'd like to hear about it.