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Zunow Cine Equipment

There is a definite lack of information available about movie camera equipment, both amateur and professional. I have all four of the books I have been able to find on the subject, compared to well over 50 I have on still cameras. One is in German. I can't find anything on Zunow in any of them. I do know they made the following lenses:

38/1.1 Tele-Zunow

Finished in chrome, this lens is in D mount for 8mm cameras. It is furnished with translucent front and rear caps, the front marked Zunow, and a short chrome shade.

38/1.4 Zunow-Yashinon-V

65/1.4 Zunow-Yashinon-V

These lenses were probably made shortly after Zunow was taken over by Yashica. I have seen these lenses without the Zunow label. These lenses were found on a Yashica T3 with a third Yashinon-V lens which was not marked Zunow. The serial numbers on these lenses are much longer than those normally found on Zunow lenses, and are very similar to the one on the third lens on the camera.

13/1.8 Zunowmatic-8

This is a lens with a built in selenium meter which offers automatic exposure. Like the above lenses, it is in D mount for 8mm cameras. This example has an unusual square shape to it. I have seen examples that are round.

If anyone out there has a information on other Zunow cine lenses or other equipment, I'd like to hear about it.