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Z16: The Mini Zunow

The Z16 was a camera that never was. It is a subminiature camera for 10 x 14mm images on 16mm film in Minolta cassettes. The lens is a fixed focus 23/3.5 Zunow, with a diaphragm that runs to f/11. The shutter has speeds of 200, 100, 50 and bulb. The camera is equipped with a selenium exposure meter.

I suspect this was designed to be a quick way to bring in some much needed cash. The Zunow SLR had not been a big seller and must have cost a fortune to design and tool up for. Unfortunately, the camera was too late and did not go into production. In 1959 some examples were produced and do exist.

If anyone out there has a Z16 I'd like to hear about it, and pictures would be appreciated. Should you have one for sale, we'd like to hear about that as well.