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Zeiss Ikon Volta

The Volta is a lower end folding plate camera, with single extension bellows, available in two styles. The simpler version had focus by sliding the front standard on the rail. The were available in 6.5 x 9cm (135/3), 9 x 12cm (135/7) sizes. The more refined model had a radial arm focus, and were offered in 6.5 x 9cm (146/3), 9 x 12cm (146/7) sizes. The Volta had been listed in the Ica catalog since around 1910. In addition to the smaller sizes listed above, which were carried over into the Zeiss catalog after Ica merged with Contessa Nettel, Ernemann and Goerz to form Zeiss Ikon, 10 x 15 and 13 x 18 were also offered until 1927 from existing inventory..

The Zeiss Volta.