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Zeiss Ikon Unette

The Unette is a small box camera, making 24 exposures 22 x 33mm on paperbacked unperforated 35mm film. The basic layout is similar to the Ansco Memo of 1927, the film running vertically. It is topped off with a folding frame finder.

The camera was first sold by Ernemann around 1924. When Ernemann merged with Contessa Nettel, Goerz and Ica to form Zeiss Ikon. It is known with Zeiss Ikon markings, but these are most likely stock produced before the merger as they are also marked Ernemann on the side. The Unette was listed in some catalogs as late as 1930, but as they are extremely rare today with Zeiss markings, they must have been slow to sell. It may have been the odd film size that discouraged potential buyers.