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Zeiss Ikon Tessco

The Tessco is a medium quality folding plate camera. It can be found in 6.5 x 9cm and 9 x 12cm. The Tessco features front rise and shift, double extension bellows, and both brilliant and wire finders. Lenses include Pereskop, Citonar, Nettar and Tessar in either Derval, Ibsor or dial set Compur.

The design dates back to 1913 when Contessa brought the Tessco to the market. It was continued after they merged with Nettel in 1919 to form Contessa Nettel, but was discontinued after Contessa Nettel merged with Ica, Goerz and Ernemann to form Zeiss Ikon. The smaller size was gone in 1926, the larger in 1927.

The Zeiss Tessco.