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Zeiss Ikon Taxo

The Taxo is an inexpensive folding plate camera. The body is constructed of metal, covered with leather, and has a single extension bellows. It was available in two styles. The basic model has focus by means of sliding the front standard on a track. It was listed in two sizes as 122/3 (6.5 x 9cm) and 122/7 (9 x 12cm).

The deluxe model had a radial lever focus, and was also available in two sizes, the 126/3 (6.5 x 9cm) and 126/7 (9 x 12cm).

Lenses offered were Pereskop, Novar, Frontar and Dominar in Derval shutter.

Contessa Nettel marketed the Taxo as far back as the early 1920's. When they merged with Goerz, Ernemann and Ica in 1926 to form Zeiss Ikon, the Taxo became part of the Zeiss catalog. The radial arm focus model was discontinued in 1930, the simpler model the following year.

The Zeiss Ikon 126/7.

The Zeiss Ikon 122/7.