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Zeiss Ikon Stereofix

The Stereofix is a jumelle style stereo camera. The word jumelle is French for binoculars, and the style of stereo cameras resembling a pair of binoculars was more proliferate in France. The Stereofix came from Germany however, initially produced by Ica in 1912. The design was dropped in 1927, after Ica merged with Contessa-Nettel, Goerz and Ernemann to form Zeiss Ikon in 1926. It was one of the many models which existing stock was given Zeiss markings before being remaindered out.

The Stereofix is a tapered design, with a folding Newton finder. It used the smaller 45 x 107mm format, plates or cut film only, and was sold with 6.8 Hekla or Novar lenses, or 6.3 or 4.5 Tessar lenses .