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Zeiss Ikon Stereo Cupido and Stereolette Cupido

The Stereolette was a 45 x107mm folding stereo camera for plates or cut film. It was available in three versions, the 610 which had rack and pinnion focus, and the 611, which had a radial lever focus. A final version was the Stereolette Cupido which was a self errecting 45 x 107mm folding stereo camera. All three models have a brilliant finder similar to that commonly found on many folding cameras mounted between the lenses. The lenses offered included 60/6.8 Helkas, or 65/6.3 or 65/4.5 Tessars, mounted in dual dial set Compur shutters.The 610 and 611 models had a rising front, the Cupido did not.

The Cupido was a line of folding cameras dating back to 1906, produced by Huttig. Huttig merged with Wunsche, Krugner and Carl Zeiss Palmos to form Ica. By the time Ica merged with Ernemann, Contessa-Nettel and Goerz in 1926, the line was reduced to just the stereo models. Like many of the numerous models of cameras produced by the pre-Zeiss companies, it was not produced under Zeiss. Remaining inventory was marked Zeiss Ikon, and was sold off. It was out of the catalog in 1928.I am unsure if all of the models were sold with Zeiss markings.

This is an example of the Ica Stereolette 611.