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Zeiss Ikon Maximar

Introduced in 1914 by Ica, the Maximar became very popular after the Zeiss Ikon merger. It was a good quality folding plate camera, drop bed style, with double extension bellows, rise and fall, plus shift front movements, brilliant finder with built in spirit finder and a wire frame finder on the larger two models. It was available in three sizes.

The 6.5 x 9cm model 207/3, was reffered to as the Maximar A. It was rarely offered finished in green, the black finish is by far more common. It can be found with 105/4.5 Tessar or 105/4.5 Preminar, both in Compur.

The Maximar B 207/7 is the 9 x 12cm size, available only in black. It was sold with the 135/4.5 Tessar in Compur, or either the 135/4.5 Dominar or 135/6.3 Novar in Klio shutter.

The least common size is the Maximar C 207/9, for 10 x 15cm. It too was available only in black, and was fitted with a 165/4.5 Tessar in Compur.

The Maximar C was discontinued in 1937, the other sizes were victims of the war effort, and were stopped in 1939. Zeiss did not re-enter the folding plate camera market after the war, sealing their fate.

The Maxiamr 207/7.