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Zeiss Ikon Juwel

The Juwel started off it's life as a double extension folding plate camera of no special distinction around 1905, manufactured by Huttig. After Huttig merged with Wunsche, Krugener and Carl Zeiss Palmos to form Ica, it was redesigned, and became one of the finest drop bed plate cameras ever built. It was carried over into the Zeiss catalog after Ica joined Ernemann, Contessa-Nettel and Goerz in forming Zeiss Ikon.

The Juwel is one of the longest running models in the catalog, lasting from the merger until the war effort began making raw materials unavailable, and Zeiss began dropping models from the catalog they could not manufacture. After the war, Zeiss made the decision not to re-enter the large format market, so the Juwel was not brought back.

The larger of the two models of Juwel was the 275/11 in 13 x 18cm. This model was used extensively by Ansel Adams. When fitted with the triple convertible Protar lens, it was THE most expensive camera listed in any of the Zeiss catalogs during the entire time it was in production. Lenses interchange on special lens boards. This model lasted until 1939.

The smaller Juwell was the 275/7, for 9 x 12cm. Lenses mounted by bayonet. This model was discontinued in 1938.