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Zeiss Ikon Icarette

When ICA merged into Zeiss Ikon, they brought with them their Icarette line of folding rollfilm cameras. They were available in four models, the 500, 509, 512 and 551, and were available in 4.5 x 6cm, 6 x 6cm, 6 x 9cm, 6.5 x 11cm, and 8 x 10.5cm sizes, plus one that used 6 x 9 rollfilm and could also accept 6.5 x 9 plates. Not all models were available in all sizes, and taking into account lens and shutter options, there were over 60 variations to choose from.

The Icarette line was discontinued in 1936.

Zeiss Ikon Icarette for 6x9cm on 120 film..