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Zeiss Ikon Favorit

ICA brought out the Favorit in the mid-1920's. The line was one of the lines of folding plate cameras that were continued in the Zeiss catalog. The Favorit was a line of higher quality folding plate cameras, featuring double extension bellows and interchangeable Tessar or Dominar lenses that mount with a bayonet.

The basic Favorit was available as 265 (4.5 x 6cm), 265/7 (9 x 12), 265/9 (10 x 15cm) and 265/11 (13 x 18), and were available until 1935.

The Favorit Tropical was constructed of heavy teakwood, with metal bound corners. The only leather covering was the back and it was brown, as was the bellows and handle, the rest of the camera was polished wood. The camera was designed to withstand the heat and humidity of the tropics, hence the name Tropical. It was also designed to withstand the additional punishment of serious travel. It weighs almost twice as much as the standard model, and cost considerably more. The tropical version of the Favorit was cataloged as 266/7 (9 x 12cm) and 266/9 (10 x 15cm). The tropical models were only carried until 1931.