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Zeiss Ikon Ernoflex and Stereo-Ernoflex

The Ernoflex line was introduced by Ernemann in 1914, and consisted of the Ernoflex, which was a strut folding SLR camera with a drop bed, and focal plane shutter. It was available with either a single or a triple extension bellows. In 1924, the line was divided into the Ernoflex I and II.

The Ernoflex I did not have the drop bed, and was fitted with a single extension bellows. It could be purchased in the 4.5 x 6cm, 6.5 x 9cm and 9 x 12cm sizes, with Ernon 3.5, Ernotar 4.5 Tessar 4.5 lenses.

The Ernoflex II kept the drop bed to support the triple extension bellows. It was available only in the 9 x 12cm size.

After Ernemann merged with Contessa-Nettel, Goerz and Ica to form Zeiss Ikon, they were remaindered out, and were listed in the catalog through 1927 only.

Around 1926 Ernemann introduced a stereo version of the Ernoflex. The Stereo-Ernoflex is of the 45 x 107mm format,. It was available with matched pairs of the lenses listed above. The Stereo-Ernoflex was given the Zeiss catalog number of 621/1, and was carried in the catalog until 1929.

The Ernoflex in the 4.5x6cm format, also referred to as the Miniature Ernoflex. This example is only marked Ernemann and would be from before the merger.

The camera open from behind.

The camera folded up became very compact.