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Zeiss Ikon Donata

When Zeiss Ikon was formed in 1926, the bulk of their catalog offerings were continuations of product lines from the merging companies. The Donata is just one example. It was a carry over from the Contessa Nettel product line. It is a drop bed folding plate camera. It was a metal body construction, covered with black leather. Features included rise and fall, shift and double extension bellows. It was available in 6.5 x 9 as the 227/3, and in 9 x 12 as the 227/7. Lenses offered include 4.5 Tessar and 4.5 Dominar, as well as a Preminar.

The camera was almost identical to the Zeiss Maximar (although slightly less expensive), and was discontinued in 1931, probably in an attempt to clean up models in the Zeiss catalog that competed with each other for the same market.