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Zeiss Ikon Contarex Microscope Camera

Contarex Microscope camera.

Not too much is known about the Contarex microscope cameras. They were not listed in the photography catalogs, and don't actually carry the Contarex name. They were offered through the scientific and ophthalmological catalogs. Available only in chrome, they are based on the Contarex frame, but lack viewing of any sort. Marked simply "Zeiss Ikon" on the top, they are not model identified, nor do they have a serial number.

They have a focal plane shutter with speeds of 1/500-1, plus bulb and time. They have a PC plug on the back, and will accept the Contarex magazine backs. They were fitted with different types of mounting flanges, depending upon the intended use, but never with regular Contarex flanges.

Production dates and quantities are unknown, but some examples have wind levers styled on the Bullseye, while others have later style levers. These cameras are not particularly rare.