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Zeiss Ikon Contarex Bullseye

Contarex "Bullseye", shown with 55/1.4 Planar lens.

The first model of Contarex, it was refered to as simply "The Contarex". It has somehow picked up the name "Bullseye", in reference to the round Selenium meter cell above the lens. This is the easiest model of Contarex to find today, as 32,000 were built. Fit and finish on these, as on all of the Contarex line, is impeccable.

The Bullseye was available from 1959-66. After 1964, they feature a few changes, the most important being the interchangeablity of focusing screens, and the data strip, for recording data onto the film as you expose it. Both versions are code 10.2401.

Nearly all of the Contarex Bullseyes were finished in chrome. A small handful were finished in black paint, reportedly over the chrome finish.

Box for the Contarex Bullseye case