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35/4 Schneider PA-Curtagon for Contarex

The 35/4 PA-Curtagon with it's box, bubble and cap.

The lens mounted on a black Super.

The lens shifted to it's extreme. It rotates to move the shift to any position.

Zeiss offered the Schneider designed and built perspective control lens, manufactured in Contarex mount. The lens was shipped in a Zeiss bubble inside a Schneider blue box. The lens was available in other mounts, most notably Leicaflex. The lens had a provision to shift the optics off center to allow objects outside of the normal field of view to be included without tilting the camera. This is primarily useful in architectural photography to include an entire building in the photo without having parallel lines converge due to tilting the camera. The lens rotates in the mount to allow the shift to run any direction. Because of this feature the diaphragm cannot be linked to the camera, so the lens has a manual diaphragm and cannot couple to the meter.

The Zeiss product code for the lens is 11.2430.

Years produced

Quantity producedBlack or chrome Angle of view Elements/groups Filter size


UnknownBlack 63 degreesUnknownB56