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250/4 Zeiss Olympia Sonnar for Contarex

The 250/4 Olympia Sonnar.

The 250/4 Olympia Sonnar was an improvement on the earlier design, acquiring an automatic diaphragm and the focus knob on the side like the 180/2.8 and 400/5.6. It was no longer the most expensive lens in the Contarex line-up. Not that the price got cheaper, it didn't, it cost $549 in 1968. The Contarex featured even more exotic lenses in the line-up at that time including the Vario-Sonnars and the Mirotars.

The Zeiss product code for the lens is 11.2421.

Years produced

Quantity producedBlack or chrome Angle of view Elements/groups Filter size


2645Black 10 degrees4/4S