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115/3.5 Zeiss Tessar for Contarex

The 115/3.5 Tessar, with it's lens pouch. This is the first version with black aperture and focusing rings. On the later version they are chrome.

The 115 Tessar must be used with a bellows even though it has a focus helical as the back focus is too short.

The 115/3.5 Tessar was a surprisingly expensive lens, costing $289 in 1968, even more than the S- Planar or the 25mm Distagon. I don't understand why, as I don't think it was a really expensive lens to make.

The Zeiss product code for the lens is 11.2417.

Years produced

Quantity producedBlack or chrome Angle of view Elements/groups Filter size


1550Black 21 degrees4/3B56 and S49