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Zeiss Ikon Contina LK, L, Continette and Contina 10.0626

The Continette was the replacement for the discontinued Contina Ic. It was the first, last and only camera that Zeiss offered with a 45/2.8 Lucinar lens. The shutter was a Pronto, with a range from 30- 250. This was a simple viewfinder camera, lacking and exposure meter or rangefinder. It was given the catalog number 10.0625, and lasted one year, discontinued in 1961.

It was replaced by 10.0626, which is model designated as only the Contina. Apparently, Zeiss had little concern about the confusion their camera naming scheme was going to cause in the future. The only real change in specifications was the change to a Pantar lens.

It was joined in 1963 by the Contina LK, Zeiss catalog number 10.0637, which became the new top of the line. It was a Contina 10.0626, but with a coupled selenium exposure meter. In 1964 they were joined by the Contina L, 10.0605, which was an Contina LK, but the meter was not coupled.

The entire line was discontinued by 1966.