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Zeiss Ikon Contina Ia and Ic

The mid-1950's saw the decline of folding cameras in the marketplace. The Contina I was redesigned as simple rigid bodied viewfinder camera in 1956. It was wound by a lever, which also cocked the shutter. It was fitted with either a 45/3.5 Novar, or a 45/2.8 Novicar until 1957, and a 45/2.8 Pantar in 1958. It carried the Zeiss number 526/24, and is referred to as the Contina Ia.

In 1958 it received a facelift, getting a larger viewfinder. The top plate was the same as the Contina IIa, with the viewfinder off center, but lacking the exposure meter. "Contina" is written on the front in script. It is referred to as the Contina Ic, Zeiss numbered it with their new numbering system as 10.0603. I have Zeiss literature referring to it as simply the Contina I in 1960. It sold for $55.00 that year, which was the year it was discontinued.

The Contina Ia, with its box, case and paperwork.

The Contina Ia.

The Contina Ic.