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Zeiss Ikon Steritar B for Contaflex

The Steritar B is a beam splitter that produces a stereo image on a standard 35mm slide. It was designed for the interchageable front cell Contaflex Tessar cameras, the Contaflex III, IV, Super, Rapid, Super New, Super B, and Super BC/S. I have not been able to come up with much information on when they were introduced or discontinued. It is marked 813 on the front.

The 50mm Tessar underwent a change in formula at about the time the Contaflex Super New was introduced. It appears that like the 50mm lenses and the M 1:1 lens, the Steritar B is specific to the verion of Tessar on the camera. I have read that they did not produce a version of the Steritar for the later cameras, and I have read that people have mounted theirs on later cameras. So, I don't know which is true.

The Steritar B mounted on a Contaflex Super, with the light baffle installed, Also shown is the front and rear caps.