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Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super BC/Contaflex S

The Contaflex Super BC was the Contaflex Super B, but with a TTL CdS meter. It was one of the first two cameras with TTL automatic exposure (along with the Voigtlander Ultramatic). Yet it still lacked an instant return mirror. The battery compartment is located on the front of the body and is of poor design. The latch on the door is weak, and if a battery corrodes inside of it, it is very difficult to clean the contacts.

It was introduced in 1965, and at some point the name was changed to Contaflex S. It is the first Contaflex available in black finish. Some were used by the German army and are marked BW on the back (for Bundeswehr). The Contaflex S was discontinued in 1972 as camera production was suspended at Zeiss Ikon.

The Contaflex Super BC/Contaflex S has a front cell interchangeable 50/2.8 Tessar, and can accept the earlier 35/4 and 85/4 Pro-Tessars, as well as the later 35/3.2, 85/3.2 and 115/4 Pro-Tessars. It can also accept the Steritar B, M1:1 macro lens and the adapter to use the monocular. And of courst it accepts the magazine film back.

The Contaflex BC in chrome finish.

The Contaflex BC in black.

The Contaflex S in black, with case and rubber lens shade.