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Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Alpha and Beta

The Contaflex Alpha and Beta were both introduced in 1957 as budget versions of the Contaflex I and II. They had similar specifications to the I and II, the differences being the Compur shutters were replaced with less expensive Prontor shutters, and the famed Tessar lenses were traded for Rodenstock produced Pantars of lessor ability. Although they sold for about a third less than their Tessar-equipped cousins, they did not sell particularly well. The front cell could be replaced with a 30/4 and a 75/4 Pantar, as well as the Steritar D, also shared with the Contina III.

Like the Contaflex I and II, the only difference between them is the Alpha lacked the meter found on the Beta.

The Contaflex Alpha.

The Contaflex Alpha from the back/bottom. As both cameras look the same from the back, I'll only include this view once.

The Contaflex Beta.