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Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54 Series

The Box Tengor line was carried over from the Goerz line into Zeiss Ikon after the merger in 1926, and the line was given the Zeiss model number prefix 54. Initially there were only three models, 54/2 for 6x9cm on 120 film, 54/15 for 6.5x11cm on 116 film, and 54/14 for 5x7.5cm on 129 film. They have a plain leather front, have two finder optics in a vertical line on the front, and the winding key is towards the bottom of the camera.

In 1928 the camera is remodeled. The finder optics are now side by side, and the winding key is moved towards the top of the camera.

The entire line was remodeled again in 1933/34. The front of the camera was given a decorative hexagonal front plate. The 54/14 size was discontinued, and the 54 for 4.5x6cm on 120 was introduced (this format does not have a suffix).

The 54/2 and 54/15 were discontinued in 1938, leaving only the 54. It was discontinued the following year.

In 1939 the Box Tengor 55/2 was released as a replacement for the 54/2. It has a double exposure prevention built into the wind system.

After the war, the last model of the box Tengors was to be sold. It was the 56/2, for 6x9cm on 120 film. It is easily recognizable by the satin chrome trim around the front. It has a Frontar f/9 lens, and flash synchronization. Production ended in 1956.

The Box Tengor 54, 1934-39 model.

The Box Tengor 54/2, 1928-34 model.

The Box Tengor 54/2, 1934-38 model.

The Box Tengor 56/2.