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Ihagee Vest Pocket Junior

The Exakta Jr, first version

The Exakta was a fairly expensive camera for it's time. Ihagee decided to release a less expensive version, the Exakta Junior.

The Junior (marked Exakta Jr. on the front nameplate) lacked slow speeds, self timer, 1/1000 shutter speed and the helical collapsing lens. The lens on the Junior is mounted on a simple collapsing tube. The shutter will not fire when the lens is collapsed.

The lenses provided were also lesser, a 75/4.5 Ihagee Anastigmat, or in France a 75/3.5 Topaz Boyer.

The Exakta Junior was available in three versions, all of which are uncommon:

Version 1, 1936

This first version had a knob wind, and lacked the flash synch on the front..

Version 2, 1937

The knob wind was replaced by a lever, and was provided with flash synch on the front..

Version 3, 1938

This rare version was finished in chrome.