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Omega 120

The Simmon Brothers were well known for their very successful line of Omega enlargers. In April 1953 Alfred Simmons applied for a patent on the Omega 120. The camera was marketed in 1954.

The camera is a non-folding rangefinder camera for 6x7 on 120 film. The film is advanced by pulling a knob out of the side of the camera and pushing it back in. It was a rapid advance for medium format at the time, and gives you more the feeling of cocking a pump shotgun than winding a camera. The coupled rangefinder and viewfinder were separate, with the eyepieces one above the other. The lens is a fixed 90/3.5 Omicron in a synched leaf shutter.

The styling is unusual, vaguely like the styling of their enlargers. I would try and describe it, but there are pictures, so you can see for yourself. One accessory is the Omegaflash, which holds six flash bulbs and rapidly places a fresh bulb into the reflector.

This was the only civilian camera that Simmon Brothers produced. The design was sold to Konica, and evolved into The Koni-Omega line of cameras, which are a bit more modern looking, continue the design with the push-pull film advance.

The boxed camera, and it's unusual boxed flash.