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Nikon F with Photomic Finder (Nikon F Photomic)

The first Nikon meter prism was called "The Photomic Finder". Introduced in April 1962, it was not a TTL meter finder. A CdS cell measured the light from a corner of the finder. This "eye" makes the finder distinctive looking, and easy to visually identify. Initally, the switch to turn the meter on and off was a blade that blocked the cell from physically being exposed to the light when closed. These are known as "flag switch" Photomics. The later version uses a micro switch, like most subsequent meter finders.

Among the flag switch version, the earliest finders have an indexing dot in the center. Later ones do not.

This finder may be found in both chrome finish, as well as black, although black is very uncommon.

All versions have an incident meter attachment, as well as a spot attachment. The two accessories thread together, and then thread in turn to the battery compartment on the side of the finder.

The Photomic was discontinued in July 1965.

A chrome Nikon F with button switch Photomic finder.

You can see the uncut finder well.

With the original box and outer shipping box.

The original box and outer shipping box.