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Nikon Rangefinder Cases

Nikon offered leather cases for their rangefinder cameras.

A case for the Nikon I and early M.The first version of this case had two snap flaps on the back. The case will be enbossed Made in Occupied Japan, has metal strap hangers, and as all of the normal lenses were initially collapsible, it has a pretty short nose.

The sides are not cut out for flash synch as it had not yet been developed.

This example only has one snap flap. Not the MIOJ stamped in the leather above the male half of the snap.

The case for the later Nikon M and all S has a larger nose to accomodate the rigid 50mm lenses. Once flash synch became available the case had cutouts to expose the flash contacts. All M cases and a very few S cases are marked MIOJ (the cases are the same).

The styling changed on the S2 case.

The difference between the S2 and the SP/S3 case was that it does not have a cutout for the self timer lever.

The case for the black S2 was finished in black.

The standard case for the SP/S3.

Nikon offered a special MR case for the SP/S3 with a taller lid that allowed a meter to remain on the camera while it was in the closed case. It is shown with boxes for the MR case.

A small number of MR cases were finished in black, presumably for black cameras. The finish is balck, as are the snaps, which are normally brown. Most interesting is the name on the nose. On most cases the name is embossed in recess, where on these black cases it is raised. I have only seen a couple of these.