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28/3.5 Nikkor for Rangefinder

The 28/3.5 Nikkor, in black.
The 28/3.5 Nikkor was introduced in September 1952, in chrome finish. Reasonably priced, it sold well over it's life span, one of the longest of the rangefinder lenses. About 10,000 of them were sold. During the course of time, the heavy chrome on brass barrel was lightened, and then later got a facelift to the newer black finish.

Serial numbers run from 346xxx - 349xxx, then switch to 712xxx and continue upwards.

The lens uses 43mm screw in filters, and had an optional hood, first produced in chrome, and later in black that doubled as a series VII filter holder

The box for a 28/3.5 Nikkor in black.