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135/3.5 Nikkor for Rangefinder

Nippon Kogaku replaced the 135/4 that they introduced with the Nikon I in March of 1950. Early lenses are marked MIOJ on the rangefinder cam. These lenses, and some that are just a little later say "Tokyo" on the front ring, rather than Japan.The earliest lenses lacked threads for filters, and came with slip on shades. Later lenses had the threads, and came with screw in shades.

In 1955 they produced some black lenses. These are uncommon, and are finsihed black paint over heavy brass. They are refered to as "all black" lenses, even though they have chrome noses and mounting rings. They came with matching black screw in shade.

The lens barrel was redesigned in 1956, and is black over alloy, with a satin chrome knurrled ring just above the mounting flange. These are refered to as "black" or "black and chrome" lenses. The correct shade is a black clip on shade.

The 135/3.5 Nikkor is one of the most common lenses they built, with nearly 30,000 produced.

The 135/3.5 Nikkor in chrome Nikon mount.

The 135/3.5 Nikkor in Leica thread mount, also in chrome.

The 135/3.5 Nikkor in all black Nikon mount.

The 135/3.5 Nikkor in the final blackand chrome Nikon mount.